At Rockwood Terrace Consultants, we create outdoor spaces to live in as well as view. Our specialty is incorporating a mix of needs into sustainable and cohesive landscapes.

Residential Projects

For residential use,  re-using parts of the existing landscape is often a good starting point, while assessing circulation, desired goals, incorporating sustainable, native and low maintenance plants, and permeable paving into a new plan.


We value the uniqueness of each site, be it seaside, suburban, rural, or urban. A balance of beautiful aesthetics, practical use, and environmental sustainability is achievable.

in a small space, creating a private area provides a needed respite.

a sea-side home called out for salt tolerant plants and simplicity.


A Project in Process
Our process is streamlined and simple

Kaufman under construction.jpg
Kaufman Jap maple focus new planting.jpg

& Institutional

Creating a welcoming environment for your commercial property that reflects your brand is our approach.  Attention to layout, signage, client branding and identity, parking needs, visual and physical access is our aim.  


We design for office, retail, hotel and restaurants.


Parks, Playgrounds
& Recreational

We design parks, parklets, and mini parks for both active and passive uses. Our experience on other open space projects include neighborhood and school playgrounds, pocket parks, wetland areas and memorial parks.

This gazebo photo is at a multi unit residential apartment project, with affordable and accessible housing, adjacent to public tennis and pickleball courts, a dog park, soccer, lacrosse fields and parking. The gazebo is open for residents and the public.

Pollinator Gardens

Warren House front facade w flagpole.JPG

Historic Preservation

Patio at the historic Nathaniel Topliff Allen House, home of the Allen Center and the Newton Cultural Alliance

Wisteria planted at the historic Allen House, can't wait for it to cover the pergola!

It's All in the

Crouch down and zoom in with us on some of our favorite details of our landscape design projects. The small but mighty particulars that work together to create a whole scene.